Engineering is a major industry which encompasses a range of knowledge and skills that are used to construct devices, products or processes which improve quality of life.

Sub-divisions in engineering

Engineering is a broad subject area which consists of several sub-divisions which include:

  • Civil engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Chemical engineering

Other areas include naval engineering and nuclear engineering. Many modern forms of engineering have drawn upon related areas such as architecture, biomedical and industrial.

Oceanographic engineering

A lesser known engineering discipline in which marine engineering is used to support the work of oceanographers; or the technical aspects of building and repairing marine structures and devices which utilise ocean resources.

This can include naval architecture and civil engineering (offshore). 

Examples of this include offshore gas and oil structures, aquaculture, deep sea mining and ocean renewable energy. The last item is particularly important in that it reflects a growing interest in the use of natural sources as alternatives forms of energy to fossil fuels.

It is important not to confuse this with oceanography: oceanographic engineering is concerned with the development and implementation of systems in the ocean environment whereas oceanography is the study of oceans and encompasses marine life, plate tectonics and other physical properties of oceans.

Ocean engineering in Hawaii

This is an important industry in Hawaii which is due to its location in the Pacific Ocean which is rich in natural resources. This ocean is also a complex and demanding type of environment which requires people with the right knowledge, skills and experience needed to handle a wide range of issues. This includes experience in offshore settings, underwater testing and the design of pipelines for Hawaii's aquaculture.

Marine engineering

This often forms a part of oceanographic engineering and includes the design and construction of marine structures such as water turbines, diesel engines and various marine craft.

This includes systems which propel marine craft through the water as well as those systems which ensure that marine vehicles are fit for purpose.

There are companies based in Hawaii which provide a range of marine engineering services to members of the maritime community. They offer marine ergonomics, forensic photography and specialist areas which include marine safety, compliance and regulations.

Other engineering industries

There are a variety of engineering industries in Hawaii which deal with the design and build of products and processes related to the ocean or water based systems in general.

This includes treatment plants, flowmeters, chlorination systems and energy efficiency evaluation.